Saturday, February 10, 2007

Zebra and Pi

Young love created a warp in space time.

Generally, it wasn't supposed to happen like this. There had been, as far as the gods could remember, just two other reported cases.

One had been Romeo and Juliet reported by a William Shakespeare.

The sympathies of young vibrations as a rule never generate enough voltage.

Zebra and Pi -- they were an exception to the rule. I am Bear. I know this. I see them see the light.

Pi was the pathfinder. Zebra was her base.

The incubation of their sympathies happened in MySpace -- all cries and whispers. That was common enough.

What was uncommon was when Zebra and Pi took their show on the road -- the road from MySpace to MeatSpace.

None of us knows the road from MySpace to MeatSpace.

Not even Google Earth.

Google Earth is a god.

I know noone knows because Bear once asked Google Earth for the directions. Google Earth did give me directions but they only went as far as the end of the Internet.

One night I passed Pi's house in MeatSpace. Zebra was there. Pi was playing Zebra's base and I recorded their song.

This is not the kind of song I would post on YouTube because Bear has responsibility.

It would be like The Ring or its sequel Ring 2 if you were to hear it. The carnage would have been out of sound.

The sound wasn't shrill. The sound was wonder.

Two travellers from MySpace to MeatSpace singing wonder would have put the scare in any adult, and Pi, in particular, had become worried.

I was unable to console them.

After what happened Bear knows that horror isn't horror. The Ring wasn't shrill. It was beauty misperceived by an adult director.

And I continue to think it was not the god Google Earth who showed Zebra and Pi the road from MySpace to MeatSpace.

Their love was like a drill in space time more powerful than the drill of any dentist.

Bear is in the Top 8 not just with Zebra and Pi. So Bear can say with authority to many friends: "No more dentists" and "Let the cavities begin."

The only shame in all this rests with the parents. They couldn't agree to let the Zebra and Pi be buried together.

Big mistake.

Right now, as I speak, a determined army of grave robbers is following in the footsteps of Zebra and Pi. We are an invasion of the body snatchers. We are mad. We are about to make love right again in a night of the living dead.


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Friday, February 09, 2007

"i come from the web..."

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Not everyone saw Zebra's stripes.

Some of her blog entries were open to the public.

Other entries -- they were the dark side of Zebra -- were locked down. Only friends could enter.

One of Zebra's friends was Pi. Another was Bear.

She wrote for their eyes only.

Hidden in plain view Pi and Bear saw black as they read the following:

Have you ever been haunted by an angel
who sings songs of the night in your head
you know he is warm and gentle
but his face is frighteningly dead
I will try to write more about Zebra and Pi and Bear in the coming days. Zebra and Pi are dead now.

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