Tuesday, January 30, 2007

true life

today he be the shooter

tomorrow he be the shot

he try to be a girl but that may be one nick he not

you got a knack for nicks, someone he befriended last week said to him

the someone is kim

kim see me shed

kim figured me to be the same person

he said you can always tell an old persona from a new one

because in the space of three away when an old profile goes and a new one comes, conservation is the rule, according to kim

conservation is the conservation of identity

the space of three away is friendster space

myspace is different

in myspace there is no end to friends

kim he be an analyst

he write a screen scraper that breaks the chain of friends by removing the collectors and the fakesters and the myspace whores and all the public displays of connection

what he got left is three away

three away is not myspace anymore

kim calls three away true life

he watch me in true life

and see me shedding

The vocabulary here comes from the ear of danah boyd figuratively speaking. It's a good ear in my estimation -- one worth being sampled.

More specifically, I picked up many of my words from Friends, friendsters and top 8: writing community into being on social network sites. This essay appeared in the December 2006 edition of First Monday.

I also listen at the source. The source is See me, touch me, feel me, heal me. "See me, touch me, feel me, heal me" is a call from MySpace. This call was first made by The Who.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

danah boyd

I just discovered danah boyd.

Slow is me.

What does one say about the body of her thought?



The wire flows through her.

She has the right ear.

And probably a left ear too, judging from pictures.

One thing I am pondering that she writes about is multiple personas.

People with multiple personas are change artists.

Change artists are like graffiti artists only they've got tools and they paint on many canvasses sometimes at once and sometimes in a series.

I want to follow in the foot steps of a young change artist.

I also want to know how change artists will shape the future of identity services like OpenID and CardSpace which already provide some support for a digital identity composed of multiple personas.

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