Sunday, October 22, 2006

The faces of a solution

How does one traverse the solution space when it comes to building a platform for data collection/data dissemination?

How does one go about "surfacing" a solution?

How many surfaces does a solution have?

What is the connection of these surfaces?

Is there a glide that takes us from surface to surface?

Do we follow that glide and construct a family of surfaces? Or do surfaces fall away as new surfaces pop us, kind of like a comet?

Maybe in the one case -- call it the product line model -- we are building a house. Maybe in the other case -- call it the comet model -- we are building momentum.

Everything is legacy after the first moment.

Comets solve the problem of legacy and over-extension which creates white elephants or, again, too much baggage with a vanishing tail.

In the comet model every surface has a sunset. The sunset is when noone comes to the surface and sticks to it like flies. That's when the surface goes into the tail of the comet and dies.

Fly. Die.

In any event what fuels a surface surfacing and any story a set of surfaces make are engines.

I want to talk about engines before hell freezes over.

Maybe we will talk if there is a tomorrow.

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