Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Ting-lan wondered twice.

Would her way be vinegar or might she succeed with the many?

Generally speaking, the Americans were premature. They were premature this and premature that. Both of the sexes. Need she say more?

Ting-lan had left the pack for a few weeks now.

She was working on the usable data problem. External data had been a disappointment. Too many unanswered questions. Sometimes it was easier not to use the external data at all.

Ting-lan had the insight that would minimize the unanswered questions. She would use the off-colors. The off-colors were the very small data islands on her screen that could not be located in question space.

Ting-lan liked answers without questions. As a little girl this had always been her way.

At first Ting-lan has thought the clustering algorithm would be easy to devise. She would discover the drifts in the questions with answers and use the drifts to reel in the off-colors at random and with brute force.

Only the net she cast was too large.

Now Ting-lan was working with majors and minors. Semantics, she thought, was a dog's day afternoon.

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