Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sampled Person X7-1234: Day 3

I just started a food diary on my N800. I love my N800... The food diary is what you call interactive. Interactive indeed.

It starts with an on-line calendar and the N800.

The way it works is that I go on-line to my food diary while I am eating. I seem always to be able to go on-line because of mobile broadband. I love mobile broadband.

My food diary opens to the current day and waits for me. That my cue to, using the N800, take pictures of my meal. I won't show you all my meals for thirty days because I don't eat well. I know another SP though who went to Japan.

Maybe by now you have looked at the diary and saw the comments. The comments come from friends. My diary has a rolodex, and I add a card for each friend. Only my friends can make comments. That's a good thing.

In addition to the friendly fire, from time to time other comments will appear. The other comments take the form of Digital PostIts. Someone sticks one on top of a picture, and I reply.

Whoever said that a picture was worth a thousand word never met my nutritionist.

I call her a nutritionist and I call her a her. We have never met. I have only seen her avatar when we IM (instant message) from time to time.

She calls the PostIts food probes. They happen. Not every meal. Just sometimes. I don't really mind either because I've got probes.

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