Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sampled Person X7-1234: Day 2

A community that is based on random sampling is unusual to say the least.

DadaSP is cool because on the list of my surroundings I see locals and travelers.

Locals are people from the current PSU. PSU is short for Primary Sampling Unit. Travelers are people in the current PSU who come from other PSUs.

Sometimes I am a local and sometimes I am a traveler.

When I am a traveler sometimes I will ask the help of locals -- like to find the best restaurant or the location of a street if I am lost. That happens alot.

I won't ask just any local though. That isn't permitted. Instead locals can volunteer to become Harlequins. And Harlequins protect travelers.

At DadaSP I will pick a Harlequin based on reputation. The reputation of a Harlequin comes from previous encounters.

So DadaSP is a service -- definitely a perk for people who are members of the random sample.

There is something else. We get default personas.

A persona is what the other people in the community see of me virtually. See of me virtually... That is a mouthful.

Noone can change their default persona.

It's like Halloween every day of the year.

At the same time, based on usage, DadaSP will construct one or more additional personas at my direction.

Moi. Me. Me directing my own Identity. It's a bird. It's a plane. No. It's Identity 2.0.

I say the number of additional personas I want. Then DadaSP comes up with candidate interests based on the analysis of my usage. Then I get to accept or reject these interests into each persona via a text message that comes at the end of each day. I've got interests.

At any time when someone is helping me or if I am a Harlequin too, I get to pick my persona.

I pick a persona and people see its avatar and a cloud.

At DadaSP the cloud is the cloud of my interests. Each interest is a label and my labels are organized serendipitously. My main interests appear in large fonts. Lesser interests appear in little fonts.

Click on an interest -- say "science fiction" -- and you get a standard result set. The cloud is operated by Quintura. I have blogged Quintura before.

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