Friday, January 19, 2007

Sampled Person X7-1234: Day 1

I just got my N800. I call her Naughty.

I got Naughty from the company because I am a sampled person.

When they first told me I was a sampled person the announcement came in a text message.

I never used to read text messages from unknown senders before. Except now senders have reputations that my spam filter sniffs. Sometimes a text message fails the filter. That's when the ring tone tells me that I've got incoming nasties.

My filter zaps the nasties. My filter blows nasties to bits. Pow! Nasties makes my day.

The text message said I would get the N800 if I agreed to have an imaginary friend. It said the N800 (today I call her Naughty) had personality, talked a blue stream and was very interested in my opinions. The text message also gave me a link to DadaSP. At DadaSP I would meet and get the scoop on this imaginary friend stuff from other sampled persons who were within walking distance right now. Shades of DodgeBall.

The people at DadaSP were a strange mix. But that is by design. Because we are a random sample.

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